Beverage antenna on 80 meters

Beverage antenna is a special receiving antenna is especially suitable for lower grades zone. The CQ WPX conteste OM0A team used beverage antenna for 80 m in the direction of severzópad. I had the opportunity to work on Sunday morning at 80 m and the contribution was significant beverage antenna. What?

V našej lokalite nie je veľká úrove industrial interference, beverage, however, significantly reduce the interference of European stations, U.S. to station more easily readable, even if the S-meter signal nezosilnel. Significantly reduce the interference from stations of the direction (especially DL). Benefits vs. inv.V beverage was observable only in stations from PA and G. Particularly noticeable was the contribution of the segment in the EU, where was the connection with some U.S. stations hardly achievable. How do make beverage antenna?

Beverage anténa na 80m

Beverage antenna on 80 meters

List material: zemniace two pins (1,5m), Hard wire 180 m, aspo supports eight 2 m in height, of wood or other insulating material, transformer 9:1 and bezindukčný resistor 470 ohm/2W.

From above, it is clear, beverage antenna that has a significant size (length). In particular, these dimensions determine the width vyžarovacieho wattles and vertical angle, under which the antenna receives. A smaller antenna has less gain and a wider lobe radiant.

transformer 9:1 is a key component. Snare dvojotvorové cores Amidon BN 73-202 not easy, but I can recommend a transformer under W8JI. V našej verzii je ešte pridaná pásmová priepusť a predzoslovač.

Much of the work of representing the position of wooden supports. Since late March the ground is still premrznutá, We have every sort fixovali Articles. It is preferable to produce the iron preparations, by natlčú into the ground and into the deployment of support. They can be as suitable diameter tubes or angles with úchytmi.

Zemniace pins I even killed in the ground in autumn. Link between the pins and the antenna is realized SK tape.

Wire to the antenna must be sufficiently strong, to withstand the necessary tension. The antenna should have a large previst between the uprights, It is therefore necessary to wire strain. Thinner wire that do not move.