Introduction Amateur radio What connection can be done through QO-100 Satellite?

What connection can be done through QO-100 Satellite?

Mapa spojení cez QO-100 satelit
Map links through QO-100 Satellite

The satellite QO-100 can establish connections to several continents. Virtually every day updated with new and new stations. In my log is 193 connection of the stations 44 DXCC countries. The longest connection is 10351 km long connection with PY2GN square GG56TV.

Zmena platform pre-Qo 100

Configuring my station was adjusted. Test adjusted SSPA with MRF21045. PA and in the experimental stage works well, but tune it exactly 2,4 GHz failed. It can tune to Moze 2,36 GHz and above works well, but with worse adaptation and lower profit. The estimated output power is approximately. 10W.

DXCC ku 4. augustu 2019

3B8 VU India Mauritius
5B Cyprus YO Romania
9A Croatia ZS South Africa
9H Malta
A7 Qatar
CT Portugal
DL Germany
EA Spain
EA6 Baleares
EA8 Canary Islands
EU Belarus
F France
G England
GI Northern Ireland
GM Scotland
GW Wales
IF Hungary
HB9 Switzerland
HS Thailand
HZ Saudi Arabia
I Italy
IS Sardinia
J2 Djibouti
LA Norway
LX Luxembourg
LY Lithuania
LZ Bulgaria
YOU Austria
OH Finland
OK Czech Rep.
ABOUT Slovakia
ON Belgium
PA Netherlands
PY Brazil
S5 Slovenia
SM Sweden
SP Poland
SV Greece
TK Corsica
UA Russia US
UA0 Russia AS