Introduction Amateur radio How the SSB League evolved 2020?

How the SSB League evolved 2020?

Umiestnenia OM0AAO v SSB Lige 2020
OM0AAO locations in the SSB League 2020

I take part in this 80m race quite often, but only in the first hour. It is a very good race, which allow even beginners without language and operator skills to make contest connections. However, they cannot be described as easy.

SSB League - tough races

Diamond Antenna W-8010Milan OK1IF (Jožo Fero) he has a pearl, that the result of the race is from 90% determined by the power and quality of the antenna. However, if you do not have one or the other, more operator skill is needed. QRO stations never have a clue, but QRP stations would be able to talk about it: correct timing for the appeal, attempts to find the frequency of the challenge, station search, repetition of the competition code and the like.

In 2020 I used an abbreviated antenna Diamond W-8010 on a small pole. This antenna tunes very sharply and has no efficiency as a full-size antenna at a suitable height. An example of the difference between placing an antenna at different heights is shown by simulating a half-wave dipole at different heights

Od SO1V by SO2V s SDR

Setup for CQ WPX Contest based on FT-1000MP
Yaesu FT-1000MP

I use Yaesu FT-1000MP, which is an older generation radio station without SDR. However, it was once the company's "flagship", which means, that has some features, which you will not find on other devices. In addition, I have inoutput signal from the first intermediate frequency, which is processed by SDR typu Softorock (originally an SDR kit for monitoring the 4m band), which in conjunction with an external sound card allows you to watch 96 kHz spectrum band. N1MM + combined with the WaterfallBandmap program allows you to have SDR directly within the log with the indication of frequencies, stations, etc..

The FT-1000MP has a second receiver. Although it does not have the quality of the main receiver, allows reception of another frequency simultaneously, t.j. the signal from the main receiver goes to one handset and the signal from the other receiver goes to the other handset. Without discussion - such an income is quite demanding and it was not easy to adapt to it.

Pri SO2V as this operation is called it is advisable to help yourself with a few macros with recorded phrases for the race. In addition to the classic challenge, I use a macro with my brand (OM0AAO) and the code exchanged (well thank you, 59 TNC). There is a left part on the monitor with N1MM +, thus, a bandmap and a connection entry window for the main receiver, the right part for the second receiver. I switch between them from the keyboard (CTRL + arrow).

How does it work? If the main receiver listens to my CQ and the other I find a possible QSO, so at the right moment I press CTRL + right arrow + F4 (sends OM0AAO). If I get an answer, I can send a macro or reply directly. The return to CQ transmission with the main receiver is CTRL + left arrow.

This method is relatively effective. It allows you to not lose frequency on CQ and at the same time search and make connections.

Covid-19 a SSB Liga

It may sound discontinuous, but I think, that Covid-19 influenced participation in the SSB League. Unfortunately, several radio amateurs only look at us from above and cannot participate in our contest activities. These hams are missing… However, anti-pandemic measures "settled" people more at home and some radio amateurs were looking for activity, which would fill their waiting. In some rounds of the SSB League the number of participants, who sent the diary exceeded 100. The highest participation was in the December round of the SSB league, where 109 stations were in the QRO category, 8 v QRP a 1 SWL.

OM0AAO results

As I mentioned, SSB I beat the League 1 an hour from 2 possible hours. Of course, it cannot be compared with stations in this way, which they broadcast 2 clock. I can only compare myself. So what did the results show?

It was overcome in November and December 100 QSO / hour (105 link, or. 103).

Development of OM0AAO score in SSB League 2020
Development of OM0AAO score in SSB League 2020


See, that in the last two rounds the result has improved significantly for more than 6.5-thousand points. In both of these rounds it was enough for 32. town:


OM0AAO locations in the SSB League 2020
OM0AAO locations in the SSB League 2020

Apparently it's close to the maximum result – satiety. A better result can only be achieved by improving the hardware. That is, by confirming the words of Milan, OK1IF, “the result of the race is from 90% determined by the power and quality of the antenna”. Terms and Conditions of the SSB League 2021 they are a little different But about that next time.