Introduction Amateur radio JN98dv, contest on VKV 2020

JN98dv, contest on VKV 2020

Mapa spojení OM0A v OM VHF LOW POWER Contest-e 2020
OM0A connection map in the OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2020

Taká výprava s deťmi za snehom môže priniesť inšpiráciu rádioamatérovi. do not believe? Ak sa vyberiete cestou z Ilavy na Prievidzu, so you will cross a mountain pass Homôlka, známom centre zimnej i letnej turistiky, ležiacom na rozmedzí Strážovských vrchov a Bielych Karpát, near the picturesque village of Valaská Belá. It also has an impressive view of the surroundings, which gave preconditions, že by mohlo ísť o vhodnú VKV kótu.

When selecting a location on OM VHF LOW POWER Contest I considered Považský Inovec JN98as and Portáš, JN99ch. Považský Inovec som vyskúšal v roku 2018 a ide o dobrú kótu, kde však nie sú ideálne priestory na portable pretože ide o veľmi frekventovanú oblasť. Portáš uses OM3W, where they have a permanent workplace. A keď ukazoval, že z Homôlky JN98dv it could really go in substantial directions, so this time I went for a new dimension. The homolick is used by the OM3KOM game, radio club Dubnica nad Váhom. This is recognizable upon arrival at the top of the slopes.

OM3KOM antennas in JN98dv
OM3KOM antennas in JN98dv

After reconnaissance of the antennas (one spotlight broken) I'm unpacking my more modest setup. This is a big plus at races like the OM VHF LOW POWER Contest. All equipment can be taken on your own to most hills. He makes mine:

  • 6he. YU7EF yagi antenna
  • Kenwood TR-751E transceiver
  • telescopic mast 4.5 m
  • netbook s N1MM+ denníkom
  • Pb batteries 12V 7Ah + 12Ah
  • step-up converter for netbook 12V / 19In
Setup OM0A pre contest
Setup OM0A pre contest

It was a novelty YU7EF antenna. It appears, že dobré chýry o tejto anténe sú pravdivé. The antenna actually has a very clear radiation pattern. It is not necessary to log in to the computer on the portfolio, but still it has its advantages. Because the integrated battery does not last the whole race, tak sa o dobíjanie stará step-up menič.

I do not know why, but build a setup takes much longer than packing. But it was quite easy. Ready to broadcast 10 minutes before the start of the race, takže aj s rezervou! Po zapnutí transceivera sa začalo z reproduktora ozývať chrchlanie a praskanie. Ufff! It took a while to find the author. To OM4CW v spodnej časti SSB segmentu dával výzvy. The signal on the ear meter did not appear to be awakened, but he produced intermodulation products properly. Yuck!

At the same time good, that I'm on Portáš he did not measure the way. Right between the first connections I also do OM5ZW from JN98as. A teda dobre, that I didn't even go to Považský Inovec.

View from Homôlka JN98dv to the west
View from Homôlka JN98dv to the west

Connections increased continuously, the vast majority by searching. It didn't go well for the challenge. Do logu sa dostali dve stanice z Nemecka. The first one, DR1H was eventually ODX with distance 521 km. Besides, I've heard so far DM5TI a IQ3LX.

GridSquare 144 Tot Accum

JN59 1 1 1

JN69 3 3 4

JN76 4 4 8

JN77 2 2 10

JN79 1 1 11

JN84 1 1 12

JN85 2 2 14

JN86 3 3 17

JN88 3 3 20

JN89 3 3 23

JN95 1 1 24

JN97 1 1 25

JN98 7 7 32

JN99 8 8 40

JO50 1 1 41

JO60 2 2 43

JO70 1 1 44

JO80 3 3 47

JO90 2 2 49

JO91 1 1 50

KN08 1 1 51

Total 51 51 51

OM0A connection map in the OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2020
OM0A connection map in the OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2020

You can really say, that Homôlka is a pretty good elevation. The technique worked, the power lasted. TNX and heard friends again!

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William OM0AAO / OM0A
Since I started regularly participate in the amateur race, separately for the first VHF, later in the club OM3RKP also VKV. Since gaining access to the TA to work in this area only, primarily contesting (CQWW, IARU HF, SSB Liga, Dippeth and other).