Introduction Amateur radio LID = bad operator

LID = bad operator

Príprava na vysielanie
Preparing for broadcasting requires a large number of cables

How to quickly know the bad operator? How to listen to 20 meter operation P29VR the answer is very simple: can not listen, resulting in a pile nezvládanie-upu:

  • after the connection leaves a disproportionately long call station (more than 40 seconds!)
  • protistanice brand consists of more than three or four experiments
  • Custom programs are very short
  • rare entry method calls (split)
  • slowing down traffic insignificant information “Everybody here is 59 20dB, I can’t copy”

If you would like to be compared with the operation VQ9RD from the island of Chagos…

  • broadcast the necessary information
  • time ratio RX / TX is close 1:1
  • ability to listen to weak signals in the interference is excellent
  • Details on how to call