Introduction Amateur radio OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2022

OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2022

OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2022 mapa spojení
OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2022 connection map

It is a challenge to work with low power, QRP, on VHF, and since I like a challenge, na OM VHF LOW POWER Contest I was looking forward to it. I was also thinking about trying Veľká Javorina, JN88UU. However, the weather forecast promised a strong wind with a level 1 warning, which gave an assumption, that it will be even more windy on the hills. So I rather aimed it at Brestovec, JN88ST.

It starts at 9 o'clock, which means, that together with the journey and preparation, I leave shortly before seven o'clock. The sight of Ostrý vrch is pleasing, where the wind farm surprisingly does not spin, which means little or no wind.

I build first square DK7ZB yagi, after that 8-element DK7ZB yagi to the second mast. I replaced the usual transformer power supply with a switching power supply. During the test with the power plant and full power, the output voltage on the transformer source dropped to approx.. 12,5In, which I showed in bad modulation. The switching source has no problem with this and works well with the power plant. In addition, this time the consumption was lower, whereas the power of the Kenwood TS-2000 was reduced to 10W.

Number of connections by DXCC countries
Number of connections by DXCC countries

I also used the SDR output for the panadapter, KST chat a AirScout. By bouncing off the plane, a connection with Nikola YT3N was made at a distance 532 kilometers. Unfortunately, the data about the aircraft has been loaded into AirScout unreliable for some time and has dropped out several times in the contest.

I start the OM VHF LOW POWER Contest with a slight time delay of 15 minutes. Immediately observe the activity of the stations from the south and probably also the improved conditions of propagation in this direction. Several stations also aimed for high hills and produced excellent signals even with low power.

But some of the stations also used higher powers, but I didn't notice any complications with calling here either. Damage, that part of the stations went exclusively CW - otherwise they would definitely get into the log. I heard three Italian stations, but I didn't manage to call even one. However, it is in the logo 23 of locator squares and the diameter per connection is 235 kilometers, what more than with VKV PA!

Before the end of the contest, he also came to visit me George, OM4AKF, who lives nearby and knows the area very well. I'm ending the contest a little early, I don't suppose, that I will somehow manage to increase my 16,000 points.

It is a pleasure to meet friends on the strip and greet them, to test your skills and technique. A o tom OM VHF LOW POWER Contest je. well thank you!