Introduction Amateur radio OM4Q contest!

OM4Q contest!

European HF Championship OM4Q - S58Y
European HF Championship OM4Q - S58Y

Why OM4Q? This brand used by members of the civic association Rádioklub Manin Povazska Bystrica formed Radioklub OM3RAL, OM3RRC, OM3KNS a OM3RDX. After moving to Trencin I started looking for active rádiomatéroch and amateur radio clubs and I also found this. After several emails, I came to Považská Bystrica, where Rádioklub operated working on the estate look Rozkevet. As our thinking and objectives are similar, there was a rapid understanding and friendliness thanks to their training in indigenous areas remote station. Until it is fully operational, to constetov can involve traditional way of facilities Radio Society. A ten má contest call OM4Q.

EUROPEAN HF CHAMPIONSHIP It is an excellent contest in Central Europe. Imagine, that the CQ WW Contest here in any convenient area just outside the center of activity – All signals are strong and fast operation. This is a European HF Campionship.

That's why I asked Joey OM4AQ the opportunity to broadcast from space club, which immediately agreed. TNX! Thanks to the willingness of the government OM3CLS I'm in the hour before the Contest took over the keys and turn on the device. Everything was ready.

The basis is a radio station that is perfectly equipped OM4Q. Ten-Tec Orion II is the perfect device. Already before I came modulation and adjustment for SSB, the given, that is mostly used for CW, so no one did before. PA OM 2500 running in a relaxed mode, throughout the contest, I did not ask of him over 400 up to 700W. Or enhance the speed of cooling!

Antenna has also several OM4Q. The bands 40-20-15-10m is a directional antenna AD-2335 and the lower zone 80 meters and 160 meters to the wire antenna. Everything is indeed tuned to the CW segment, but it can also be used for SSB.

Hour average QSO
Hour average in the European HF QSO Campionship OM4Q 2018

Strategy for the contest was designed so, I try to work first gain multiplier in the outer zones, because they are not open at night now. That's how it turned out later, it was not quite true, 10 m since the evening unexpectedly opened.

This strategy is based on the, it is not decisive initial rate, but multipliers. In terms of speed it would therefore be preferable to start on 20m. The top band in Europe at 10 meters and 15 meters at SFI 70 They are always difficult, but also with a strong QSB thrive zobne a connection. Practically it is not far from the, that every connection is a multiplier.

In the evening I move on 20m, wherein the rate is increased. Then comes for a chat Vlado OM3CLS so we'll have snacks, for which thanks are due to our wives. My Contest and they will take care of us. Thanks, it was great!

40M has indeed AD-2335 rudder 2 items, but it is low on the roof so the directivity is not great. I leave it to the west-facing connection and cheerfully updated. After eye on the LiveScore CQ as it goes inýcm stations: S58Y, YO9HP, MI0RRE, SK6AW and others.

Thus it looks like growth multipliers, where I can see, OM4Q that the strategy was correct and in the last hours, significantly signed to increase score:

Thanks multiplier and well visited by the lower band seen as the score grew. OM4Q the end surpassed S58Y, which, however, went low power:

European HF Championship OM4Q - S58Y
European HF Championship OM4Q – S58Y
DX spots OM4Q
DX spoty OM4Q v European HF Championship 2018

And here is the result declared OM4Q:

result OM4Q
European HF Championship OM4Q result