Introduction Amateur radio President Lincoln rotary encoder to radio stations

President Lincoln rotary encoder to radio stations

Rotačný enkodér President Lincoln
The rotary encoder President Lincoln

V rádiostanici President Lincoln je použitý rotačný enkodér. Táto rádiostanca síce patrí medzi veľmi spoľahlivé, But years of use can leave marks and encoder problems arise. The easiest way is to exchange for a new encoder.

Since the original type is poorly raises, I tried rotary encoder KY-040, used as the sensor as the Arduino. has 20 pulzov na 1 revolution and, where appropriate button.
The original encoder has 3 wires, KY-040 drivers 5. Connecting the encoder can be seen in photos: purple wire to GND, the CLK gray and white on DT. Auxiliary resistors on PCB remain, nothing in the diagram does not.

The photo is visible even from state testing. For stable shoulder recommend soldering onto wires directly to PCB. The rotary encoder KY-040 It can fit into the space, which he was the original encoder, but it needs to be centered, since the spindle nut has a smaller diameter. Use may, for example the body of a shrink tubing or other means.

For experimenters also it offers the possibility of using the switch on the encoder, for example, the key SPAN. This would allow the selection step directly from the tuning knob, but it is apparently necessary KY-040 modify, because key Scheme radio station President Lincoln is not switched against GND, that the printed circuit KY-040. Inspiration for this adjustment, see

Exchange is not difficult, but also it requires a permit four screws and tilting front panel, but access to the encoder is cramped.

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