Introduction Amateur radio SSB Liga – May 2024

SSB Liga – May 2024

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Finally a chance to try amplifier G2DAF in contest operation! A short connection with Jan OM0AJ confirms, that everything works. A look at the SDR spectrum indicates a fairly busy band, no 3756 kHz seems to be avoided by the stations. So I start there.

3756 kHz

Slovak radio amateurs mainly gather on this frequency. The topics of the conversations are different, sometimes also non-radio amateur, but that usually doesn't matter. It's like a place, where friends meet, to say hello and talk a little. Radio amateurs from across the Morava River or more distant radio amateurs also often join.

On the frequency 3756 kHz, however, a signal called "The Pip" also appears. This signal is like beeping or dripping water. It is the second transmitter frequency, who during the day works on 5448 kHz and is retuned to the radio amateur band in the evening and night hours.

How the Dellinger effect got around me

Since I participate in SSB League only one hour out of two possible hours, so my results are not competitive with stations, which will use both hours. SSB Liga is an opportunity to try something, practice contest operation and greet friends. After the initial start-up, I offer the frequency to others and start searching. A large number of connections can also be collected in this way.

At the end of the hour, I find a free frequency again and a few connections increase again. It looked like it, that a hundred connections could be made, but it stayed with the number 99. Cleverly, Martin OM4MM continued on the frequency after me, who knows, that I finish after one hour.

The conditions of the spread in the first hour did not yet indicate this, what the radio amateurs went through in the second hour of the SSB League. The Dellinger effect made it impossible for signals to propagate like this, that there was silence on the band.