Introduction Amateur radio SSB Liga with mp3 recordings - April 2023

SSB Liga with mp3 recordings - April 2023

Yaesu FT-1000mp s SDR panadaptérom
Yaesu FT-1000mp s SDR panadaptérom

The April SSB Liga is the first after the transition to summer time. A jump of one hour in the morning propagation conditions to 80m is not always optimal. But 92 QSOs in the first hour, that it would be bad.

Before the race I find the Milans signal OK2KI and we exchange a few words. Milan is a top contestant. It can be heard on VHF as OM2Y, where he and Jan OM2IB transmit from the Pecková hill, which is only a few kilometers from the site I use.

SSB Liga I run to the CQ and the QSOs add up quite quickly. It also manages to collect QSOs on the second VFO FT-1000MP as SO2V (SO2R operation on one device). The surprise is two QSOs to the Ilava district (OM4AJK and OM3TGE). I don't remember the last time I logged this district in the SSB Liga.

After an hour of operation, it is in the log 92 contacts. You can listen to the all recording here:

The picture shows an older setup. In the near future I'm preparing a video with some hints from the N1MM+ logo, also suitable for SSB Liga type contest.