Introduction Amateur radio Sto connection via QO-100

Sto connection via QO-100

QO-100 mapa lokátorov OM0AAO
QO-100 map locators OM0AAO

Every day updated with more stations, which carry out searches through the QO-100. according to statistics Online logo is already around them 500 and exception are not even relatively exotic destinations such as Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Mauritius and other. It is also a team, that this method of communication can be used as an emergency. In countries , where there is no stable electricity, mobile or internet connection, amateur radio station may be a way, who saves lives.

Many stations experimenting with different antennas. Na 13cm uplinku QO-100 They are mostly used parabolic antennas with different irradiation. Preferred are irradiators with circular polarization as the helix, and patch. However, some stations use the linear antenna. Reflector diameter is dependent on the power. The normal diameter of the dish on the uplink 60 to 120 cm. Some stations have even more expansive parabolas, but it is rather exceptional.

3cm downlinku O ~ 100 many stations to listen through any online SDR receiver. Good reception can be achieved by the use of dishes with a conventional LNB SDR receiver.

In my log is 100 link. Most are from Europe, the distant include HS0AJ from Thailand, ZS6TW from South Africa, PY2RN, PY2BS, PS8RF and PY2GN from Brazil. Very interesting is the activity of Slovak stations. At this point in my log OM0MS, OM0WT, OM3CLS a OM4MX.

The maps can be seen locators, I've had connections (I you 92 locators, at other stations did not send locator).

A locator map of Europe through connections QO-100 OM0AAO
A locator map of Europe through connections QO-100 OM0AAO

My setup for QO-100:

  • Kenwood TM-455E
  • LZ5HP transveror 70cm/13cm 2W
  • Pacific Wireless PW-24 antenna, vertical polarization, declared profit 24 dBi
  • 85cm offeset parable
  • LNB Friend (without modifications)
  • USB SDR Newgen 0,5ppm
  • SDR Console 3.0.7 na Acer Aspire One

With this setup is carrying about. 20 to 21 dB above the noise level. SSB's 12 to 13 dB with the compressor starts at 6 dB. The compressor is truly know, the difference between the signal compression and without the notable.

A good way to be in the picture is the example to follow Twitter #qo100, Facebook OSCAR-100, QO-100, Es'Hail, satellite operators and experimenters or AMSAT-DL forum.