Introduction Amateur radio VHF PA - May 2023

VHF PA - May 2023

Pohľad na Peckovú z Černeckého vrchu
View of Pecková from Černecký vrch

On Vila OM3CAQ's recommendation, I became interested in the elevation of Černecký vrch. It is located in the same locator JN88RS as the better-known Pecková, from where VKV races are realized by Jano OM2IB with Milan OM2KI as OM2Y.

While Pecková is more difficult to access and is located in the PLA, Černecký vrch is relatively easy to reach and is right on the border of the PLA. Since there are not many stations in the direction covered by Pecková in the VKV Prevádzkov asset, I decided to try it.

HINT: check the new quote via

The server allows you to create an idea of ​​what kind of view and signal coverage is possible from a given location. It also expands the possibilities , where it is possible to view the panorama from the given place.

Terrain Profile by Heywhatsthat
Terrain profile by Heywhatsthat
Panorama towards the northwest from Černecký vrch
Panorama towards the northwest from Černecký vrch

HINT: check the new dimension in person

Not, this tip does not negate the previous one, but it follows on from it. There is not much information about Černecki vrch on the Internet. Orthophoto map, which I focused on in the preparation turned out to be out of date. This significantly changed the spatial possibilities for antennas and broadcasting itself. If you want to avoid such improvisation, I recommend checking the new dimension in person first.

Horizon according to Heywhatsthat from Černecký vrch
Horizon according to Heywhatsthat from Černecký vrch

VHF PA - May 2023

Since the road to Černecký vrch is longer than to Brestovec, I leave before seven o'clock. The road is quite long, because there are road works on many sections. Navigation takes me to the right in Malejov. I didn't know that, that it is an abbreviation, but through the forest.

After leaving the forest, I immediately recognize Pecková's silhouette. I'm right. The surroundings of Černecký vrch are covered with fields of clover. However, I can't see the space compared to the photos, which aircraft modelers use and which I wanted to use as well. There is a smaller area next to the road, but there is a high voltage line right next to it. I go on foot to inspect the terrain. It doesn't look good. The view from the place doesn't look good either, that it could be applicable to VKV.

Whatever... at least the weather is sunny with a light breeze. I will build a proven one system of four 5-element DK7ZB yagi antennas. But I don't want to build the second mast. He should carry two 8-element DK7ZB yagi antennas. The 9.15 I have a hoe3otovo. I start the power plant and devote myself to finding the north. Applications on the phone, However, Dioptra and HAM GPS do not help. So I'm tuning in the beacon segment. OE3XTR, Austrian lighthouse, hear excellent. Also signals on the band, which I know from JN88ST and JN88XX are stronger. I don't even notice interference from high voltage, which is perhaps ten meters from the antennas.

Beginning of VHF PA

VKV PA I start with a search. But OK1KZE I call myself a little harder. After 15 minutes I try the challenge and the number of stations starts to increase. Remote stations also call, for example E71EDK, consequently E70SIC. They are also successful with s YT3N, YP2DX, YO2BBT and then calls YU7ACO. I end the first lesson with 50 connections.

Stream of stations

But the stream of callers still doesn't stop. It will also pass between them YO2KJG whose YT0B. I find by retuning SN9W z JO90 a OL1B with JO80. I try German stations through KST chat. Is coming DH9ET of JN57 followed DB7MM/P z JN59 a IK4GNG from JN64. Behind them I2FHW z JN44, which happened the longest connection, 769 km.

One hundred connections in VKV PA

He also calls later F6DCD/P z JN38, DH7FFE from JO40 and it comes to the sked I3QJZ z JN55. A hundred connections look to fall. The team is OK5IB. There are still a few minutes left, so I'm still trying to find a few more connections. The final number stops at 106.

Locator squares in VKV PA 05/2023
Locator squares in VKV PA 05/2023

Summary of VKV PA from Černecké vrch

VKV PA 05/2023 DXCC chart
VKV PA 05/2023 DXCC chart

Černecký hill shocked... Kilometer average for one connection is 253 and connections were made, which have never been done before. By 29 it gives multipliers 11832 points. From nearby Žalostiná JN88RT, which is several meters higher, with Drago OM3CQF however, more connections were made, but a multiplier less. Milan OM4MX a Filip OM6ABF they use practically professional equipment, so their results are about something else.

It was quite hot in the car during VKV PA, it was not very pleasant. But it was worth it!