Introduction Amateur radio VHF PA - May 2024

VHF PA - May 2024

Dúha za Černeckým vrchom
Rainbow behind Černecký vrch

By password, that there are never enough elements, I prepared a second mast for VKV PA with 4 x 6 elemental DK7ZB yagi antennas. Together with antenna 4 x 5 elements DK7ZB yagi it is 44 elements. Quite enough.

This time the temperature is pleasant, 14°C with light wind. I'm coming o 7.45, but I'm still waiting for a while, until it expires. Within ten minutes, the rain resembles only a rainbow in the valley. I'm building the first one 4 x 5 elements DK7ZB yagi antenna.

The second antenna mast

I am building the second mast next to the trailer, which is comfortable. After all, it's muddy after the rain and it's nice, that the tools will not be made of clay. After jamming the foot of the mast into the ground, I install the first four pins, which fixes the short cables holding the mast in an upright position. I extend it to its full height and add the distant four pins with the upper level of anchors.

Second antenna mast with 4x6-element antennas
The second antenna mast with 4×6-element antennas

I lower the mast again and gradually install the individual antennas. After extending to full height, I find out, that the lower pair of antennae is turned differently than the upper pair of antennae. However, now is not the time to correct it.

Beginning of VHF PA

I'm quickly setting up my workplace in the car. I am curious about the new version of KST4Contest by Marc DO5AMF for KST chat. New macros have been added and some functions have been modified by Marc. Working with KST4Contest is very efficient. The combination of filters makes the list of stations very transparent. Macros allow fast communication without the need to write messages. And in conjunction with AirScout-about DL2ALF searching for stations again, with which it is possible to make a connection by bouncing off the plane.

I start VKV PA almost ten minutes late. I'm still finding out, in which position of the switch which antenna is connected and that the rotator has a smaller offset, but I don't deal with that anymore. Other stations already have a number of stations registered. Laco OM4AGW from Považské Inovac already has them 16, Joe OM5AW again 24 and Drahom OM3CQF 25. So I start the challenge and a lot of callers come. It comes through very strongly E73O and surprises Michael DB7MM/P from the new locator. It is at the end of the first hour 48 contacts, which is an excellent number.

The second hour of VKV PA

Another practical thing is, that KST4Contest records from chat frequencies, where station communication. This is how I register IK4WKU, who just had to ask to rotate the antenna. After returning to the frequency, he calls I3QJZ and beyond I3FGX. I struggled a bit with E75DSB, when i see, that in the given direction is LZ2ZY. Thanks to KST4Contest I can see, that another sked has just finished and Airbus is flying in a minute, which would enable excellent signal reflection. I use a macro in the program and try to call. The signal from the KN13 is immediately audible clearly, so the connection to 707 kilometers is a piece of cake.

I'm less successful with Romanian stations. As late as autumn, I had successful connections with YO5DND, YO5BQQ and YO5AVN from KN17, now they could not be heard. But Janko heard me OM8OM, who added KN09.

Searching for connections and locators also brings OK1DTP with JO60, Daniel spoke from JN59 DM1DF. It also has an excellent signal IK4GNG. The second hour was not as strong in the number of connections as the first hour, but added multiple locators.

Third hour VKV PA

OM3KUK changed location and this time they called from Homôlka, JN98. It is the fifth Italian station I4GHG. Connection with DL1DSR is a reflection from the plane. I tried repeatedly to find some stations from JO80 and JO90, but to no avail. In the end I saw, that several Polish stations from KO00 have joined the chat and at the same time several planes suitable for signal reflection are flying, so I tried to contact them. Last multiplier, the twenty-seventh, brings SP8DXZ.

End of VKV PA

Map of connections in May VKV PA 2025
Map of connections in May VKV PA 2025
DXCC list in May VKV PA 2025
DXCC list in May VKV PA 2025

The packaging is more laborious this time, takes an hour and a half, while I get into the car and say goodbye to Černecký vrch. Again, he brought a lot of beautiful connections and the pleasure of connecting with VKV enthusiasts.

Finally, an overview of the number of connections to individual countries.