Introduction Amateur radio VKVPA - May 2022

VKVPA - May 2022

Mapa spojení VKVPA - máj 2022
VKVPA connection map - May 2022

VKV PA again from the same place as in the March round, that is, from below Štrbské Pleso, KN09AC. Well, this time with an antenna 4x5el.DK7ZB yagi and Kenwood TS-2000 equipment.

The Tatra weather turned out perfectly, relatively pleasant 12 ° C, sunny and light wind. The snow held only in the mountains, not a trace of it on the parking area. Most visitors to the Tatras went to other locations, and during the day, only a few passers-by came to enjoy the view from this place..

HINT: coaxial cable mounting

We used ski straps to hold both the coaxial cables and the combiner. I find it smarter than consuming insulating tape, which, moreover, tends to tear at low temperatures.

Preparing for the contest

Jano OM0AJ gave helping hands in the construction of the antennas (formerly OM0AAJ). Due to the limited space, anchoring was more difficult. One anchor was on the roof rack of the car, the other around a young spruce trunk. The second antenna, 8-element DK7ZB yagi, we built the car on the other side due to space as usual. But we built it unnecessarily, because I did not make a single connection to her, but predbieham.

I brought three devices: Kenwood TR-751E, R2CW a Kenwood TS-2000. The last transceiver was the main change and I tested it with interest.

The course of VKVPA

I logged in at the last event from this location 30 contacts. To, I don't mind starting a few minutes after starting VKVPA. I quickly set the modulation to TS-2000 and the power to 70W. There is no 13.8V source / 20A. I have a source of approx. 15And that's why the reserve.

But the controller stayed at home to the rotator, so the antennas have to rotate by hand in a "jump out of the car" style, turn according to the eye and the signal from the speaker ". However, the team, that the antennas have more gain and thus, that I announced the activity in advance, so connections are growing relatively fast. In the first hour is theirs 29.

The TS-2000 has a lower sensitivity than other devices. Most signals are very weak (while my internal preamplifier is switched on). Even "ear" weak signals are often made on the first call.

This time, connections with stations from eastern Slovakia are also successful: OM8ABC, OM0AB, OM8OM, OM8ARG, OM3WAK, OM8DD aj OM0XA. Rudo OM8ARG had a great signal.

I do it in the second hour 21 contacts. I'm not trying to focus on multipliers. I know, that for most VKVPA competitors, KN09 is relatively rare and I try, to give it to as many stations as possible, who are interested.

There is only one more hour in the last hour 14 contacts, but with the help of KST chat I also try to find multipliers, for example HG1DRD (JN86), OE6END (JN77), 9A1W (JN75), HA5OO (JN97), HA4FB (JN96), OK1KMP (JO70).

It's at the end 63 contacts. The average per connection is 233 kilometers. This means a relatively high point allocation, to 255 points what at 19 multipliers: JN69, JN75, JN76, JN77, JN79, JN85, JN86, JN88, JN89, JN95, JN96, JN97, JN98, JN99, JO70, KN05, KN08, KN09 and KN17 gives 4845 points. Most of them are Slovak stations (24), Czech and Moravian (21). Perhaps the main goal was to give them a KN09 multiplier. I've heard a few more stations, but the connection failed.


Difference 12 dBd antennas and gain systems 14,5 dBd is considerable. Number of connections compared to March round is more than doubled and the number of locators is also higher. In doing so, focusing on multipliers is possible, that the result would be even better. Perhaps there will be a successor, which KN09 receives on the VKVPA map on a regular basis.