Introduction Amateur radio Improvements for QO-100 Satellite

Improvements for QO-100 Satellite

QO-100 antenna

Setup for working through QO-100 satellite has been slightly modified. new version SDR Console 3.0.7 brings feature automatic correction of frequency shift. It works, that in a separate window will indicate any signal beacon and use it corrects the deviation of all signals on the downlink. For example, the beacon signal is shifted above 100 Hz, are displaced in parallel and the other signal.

SDR Console
SDR Console on the Acer Aspire One and SDR Newgen USB receiver

The system I tried the Acer Aspire One, which I use for amateur radio purposes. However, it is equipped with only a single-core processor Atom N270 processor and 1GB RAM, so there is income to interruptions and occasional closure of the program. In principle, it seems, the system is binding on the frequency of the beacon is working properly - only requires a higher performance PC.

Console SDR-enabled system for correcting the frequency shift
Console SDR-enabled system for correcting the frequency shift

To turn the automatic frequency offset is:

  • allow the display of the frequency 9 GHz
  • Receiver settings accordingly downkonvertor 9750 MHz
  • after power take active module “Geostationary Beacon”
  • enable tracking beacon first icon with ring
  • the waterfalls mark the beacon signal (be used +/- to specify the window)
  • enable sync icon triangle

Me has proven to set waterfall dynamic range SDR Console so, in order to see the weak signals (the slider to the left in the screenshot) and Filter the range 150 Hz 2550 Hz (2,4 kHz). Filter, which has set a lower frequency sounds, while dynamic, but much more noisy.

Screenshot SDR Console: spektroskop, vodopár and filter settings
Screenshot SDR Console: spektroskop, vodopár and filter settings

SDR Console 3.0.7 But it works well, income appears to be slightly better than using HDSDR.

MRF21045 - 2,2GHz UMTS Amplifier
MRF21045 – 2,2GHz UMTS repeater on realignment on 13cm for QO-100

The second upcoming change is the use PA. I managed to buy UMTS SSPA s MRF21045. It is designed to 2,2 GHz, which requires preladenie. It described DB8TF the AMSAT-DL forum and details like him konzultoval.Úprava additionally relates to the input and output customization. Do not be deceived image, size module 70 x 40 millimeters. The module is therefore little. Efficiency amplifier but does not live large, it moves only along 25%. Supply voltage is 24V.

SP2JYR amplifier sold them on eBay and Allegro portals. The available information is confirmed, that can be achieved when driving a 15W power 0.5W.

Kenwood TM-455e
Kenwood TM-455e

At the beginning of the chain of broadcasting is Kenwood TM-455E. It is a good transceiver 70cm band. Signal is applied to 5 m coaxial cable transvertor.

The power switch Teroz
The power switch Teroz

The photo is seen napájaciu turnout for LNB. It's a crossover TEROZ, which is used in TV technology. Antennas are placed on the balcony. lower ofset parabola s LNB It is to receive, top WIFI antenna PW-24 It is broadcast. Transvertor SG Labs while "hanging" on the cable, which of course is only a temporary solution.

Quite a lot of stations QO-100 uses helix irradiator. By achieving circular polarization RHCP, 3 db with the advantage compared to the linear polarization, the equivalent of twice the power of the transmitter. It's on 13cm is not negligible. Quite popular as well Dual band patch irradiators, because they allow only one dish.

Currently, I have about 50 DX QSOs including such as ZS6TW whose HS0AJ. HS0AJ It is very active and it is not difficult to work with. It is updated and Slovak channels. Not try it too?