Introduction OM0A 2.subregional VHF races 2021

2.subregional VHF races 2021

R2CW transceiver
R2CW transceiver

The weather forecast for the race did not bode well for the stations on the elevations - storms, the rain, wind and cooling. Since I wanted to test the R2CW transceiver, so I overtook the arrival of bad weather and broadcast only briefly on Saturday.

Saturday's weather did not disappoint, it was very nice and relaxing. I got to the hill about 45 minutes before the start of the race. The locals worked in the fields and also stopped to look, what am i doing there. Therefore, the sound of a tractor sometimes appeared in the transmitted signal when they were passing by.

R2CW is an excellent transceiver. The receiver is quiet and accurate. For the first comparison with Kenwood-om TR-751E seems less sensitive, but practical tests on weak signals show, that he listens very well. Resistance is also noticeably better.

IK4ZHH na R2CW transceiveri so 6-elementovou YU7EF yagi

OL4N na R2CW transceiveri so 6-elementovou YU7EF yagi

I heard several stations from the East, however, sked with OM0AAJ failed. I heard his signal, but 8W power on my side was not enough for the connection. This is how several stations passed. That's right in the logo 38 link, which, however, is not essential for the time being.

Technically, however, there was again a problem with the transmitted signal, similar to the TR-751E at 25W. I suppose, that there is an antenna behind it, YU7EF yagi, which goes well, but apparently RF energy is induced in the power supply, which causes a problem with the transveiver.