Introduction OM0A 2he. DK7ZB yagi for 15 meters completed

2he. DK7ZB yagi for 15 meters completed

Measurement DK7ZB yagi for 15 meters

Last antenna, it was necessary to produce WPX contest – 2he. DK7ZB yagi antenna on 15m – was completed and the measurement of. Compared to 20 meters is not only less, but also considerably lighter and easier to manipulate,. Beautiful sunny Saturday directly fit test. Here are the results of measurements of the antenna 4.5 m above ground antenna analyzer:

Frequency Impedance PSV
20,90 MHz 65 + j0 ohm 1,29
21,00 MHz 50 + j0 ohm 1,01
21,10 MHz 41 + j0 ohm 1,20
21,20 MHz 37 + j0 ohm 1,33
21,30 MHz 34 + j0 ohm 1,43
21,40 MHz 35 + j0 ohm 1,38
21,50 MHz 33 + j18 ohm 1,76
Meranie DK7ZB yagi na 15m
Measurement DK7ZB yagi for 15 meters

The results are certainly strongly biased surrounding objects and in the wired antenna measured antenna. Impedance is not significantly changed when turning the antenna. In the free environment can be expected, parameters that will differ noticeably from those. The antenna is in principle prepared correctly.

After measurement of the boom was dismantled and only the elements to prepare for the job posting for a few minutes. Another antenna, which is currently being built 160 meters for CQWW SSB contest, Next week will also be deferred in whole, to be able to quickly build.

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