Introduction OM0A 9M4DXX and other QSL cards

9M4DXX and other QSL cards

DF7OO germany

Yesterday came the QSL bureau package, QSL cards which contained a link to OM0A. We selected and scanned several, which we draw: 9M4DXX, S52OT, IY1GM, DL1ECG, DO4APB, AO5R, DF9OO, OZ5NJ. All stations will be confirmed during the connection a few days. Thanks!

9M4DXX Západná Malajzia
9M4DXX West Malaysia
DL1ECG Nemecko
DL1ECG germany

AO5R Španielsko
AO5R spain
DF7OO Nemecko
DF7OO germany
DO4APB Nemecko
DO4APB germany
IY1GM Taliansko
IY1GM Taliansko
OZ5NJ Dánsko
OZ5NJ denmark
S52OT Slovinsko
S52OT slovenia