Introduction OM0A Antenna Analyzer

Antenna Analyzer

Anténny analyzátor VK5JST
Antenna Analyzer VK5JST
Anténny analyzátor
Antenna Analyzer

Antenna Analyzer is a very useful measurement device. It allows you to "see" better, not only to the antennas, but also to the passive circuit adjustment. Optimization of antennas is much faster than with a normal PSV metro.

Prices of commercial products are very high and so I was very comforted options to purchase kits antenna analyzer by VK5JST. Users in the reviews it is evaluated very positively and confidence and to attracting, that has successfully been built around one thousand pieces. For 150AUD (c.. 2300Sk) I have one kit will provide a built.

Kit is not only a set of components, but also mechanical parts and allows the construction not only functional, but also the aesthetic. Before construction is worth study procedure Placing circuit in the manual and the essential points mark.

Full implementation took me about. 10 hours of pure time and Antenna Analyzer operates on the first turn. The display shows the frequency, PSV, real and imaginary component of impedance. Little hit on it is possible to detect the sign of the imaginary component of impedance.

Certainly recommend Antenna Analyzer VK5JST to your workshop.

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