Introduction OM0A CQ WPX Contest 2013

CQ WPX Contest 2013

Diamond W-8010 anténa
In 8010 diamond-anténa

OM0A will be active during the next weekend in the CQ WPX Contest SSB, 30.-31.brand 2013! Beginning is the end 00.00GMT and 23.59GMT, Thus the whole race lasts 48 hours, except in the category of individuals - Single OP, where you can be up on the bands 36 hours. Follow the links to all stations. A single station may be performed in one zone 1 QSO. Competition will be in the bands 1,8 up to 28MHz (except WARC).

CQ logo
CQ logo

OM0A is in category SOAB HP ass. William OM0AAO use. There are antennas on all bands: 160m a 80m inv.V, 40m vertikál a 20-15-10m moxon tribander. Used performance will be about. 250 – 350W.

If you fancy a little popretekať and make interesting connections in the International Contest, try to find a signal OM0A and add some bodík. TNX is GL!