Introduction OM0A CQ WW 160m SSB OM0A


Anténa Inverted L
A good income is the key to 160 meters

SSB portion CQWW 160m contest was an excellent opportunity to test the inverted L antenna on 160m as well as the visibility of the short-wave OM0A ether. Topband domain is particularly large and giant antenna performance systems. Under the brand OM0A I managed to 157 complete connections to 32 countries. OM0A captured on the other hand, the N2KBP.

In addition contestovania I took notes on the dissemination and open to different regions of the world. Play, CQWW 160 meters looked as provide the following audio records: EA8AH, zarušený strong signal EC1KR, Call GI5K, GZ5Y in conjunction with OZ and SP, LN9Z in the strong interference, a Oliver MW0JRX