Introduction OM0A CQWW DX SSB Contest 2009 – story

CQWW DX SSB Contest 2009 – story

Igor OM6ACI (nw OM6CI)
Igor OM6ACI (n OM6CI)

Period CQWW DX SSB Contest means for a small proportion of the population over a public holiday. It's something, for the whole year and enjoy the mourning is gone. This year term CQWW DX SSB Contest in the due-on 24-October 25 2009.

Preparations OM0A team started in July. Good results do not remain unnoticed and the team announced a number of candidates, who wanted to share with us the joy of contestovania. In order to maximize space for each, We began to plan a multi-multi category. It is subjected to the provision of material. A few days before contesto But few people drop out of the obvious and understandable reasons. Followed Improvisation, which resulted in a successful participation OM0A category M / 2.

Since the Tatras week and a half before Contest snowed half a meter of snow, implementation 2el. MOXON at 7MHz is translated to the later. In CQWW So we built the normal antenna setup, taking us with him profusely and helped Janko OM8LA.

Work has just been launched on Thursday afternoon with the participation Vila OM0AAO, Gaba OM0AAG, Števa OM7KW and Igor OM6ACI. In the evening we came to visit Mišo OM0AAB. Since the antennas are already built and tested we have twice, nice work going on in the dark hands and we had finished andnv.L to 160 meters, inv.V to 80 m and 40 m in vertical stvrtvlnný.

In the evening the two departments were prepared. IC-756PROIII not communicate with the computer via Ham Radio Controller very unreliable, so we replaced it the second Yaesu FT-1000MP. We did the upgrade N1MM software and must say, that only a small wifi internet outage on Sunday evening, everything worked perfectly.

Although the weather forecast promised a strong wind (warning 2.stupňa), but meteorologists are wrong this time and the weather was quite pleasant. Both 2el.DK7ZB yagi – in 20m 15m - We got quickly into the air. Around lunchtime stew perfume, who patiently cooking Igor OM6ACI. Strengthening we built a small tube Vertikál for 10m and draw beverage.

Evening before the race was nice and cool. For fun we made a number guessing contest in conjunction. The biggest optimist appeared Gabo OM0AAG, hi.

CQWW DX SSB Contest rozbiehali Števo OM7KW a Gabo OM0AAG. I have a moment when they stayed, but whereas the technology functioned properly, I still go down for a while. Then we have replaced them with Igor. Gaza is strange nafukovali the CW segments. The ills we have ignored and tried to push where it could. In particular, forty is the proper test of nerves, so I looked in the morning and 15 meters. VK6NC on Gaza - although weak, But urobiteľný! Števo Although advocated better conditions for this band, but that such things will happen in time, when the solar cycle is not come off from Eclipse…

… I then went to another department. I try 10 meters due to multiplier. The vertical static, which suppresses the S-meter S5, hear VK4MA. I try to call - before the recession - lousy solar flux, poor performance and simple antenna. Turnover is the log. It has became clear, it is not an ordinary contest.

The night was weaker. Sometimes just managed zobnúť. The next morning, however, began to open several bands at once, and finally succeeded and the pile-up at 40 meters. Also, the above bands went so connections to mount. Afternoon beautiful cord U.S. stations on 20 meters.

Evening someone shine sky and 40 meters began flowing UFB DX-y: ZL3A, JH4UYB, B1Z, OD5WPX, YE0X,… In a few minutes to log the hill was added multipliers. But then someone "Stuka switch" and all the upper zone is closed. No one on 20m, 15m 10m years. All contestová the congregation moved to the lower band, which began to be re tesno. The osemdesiatke we have good connections and so to mount and mount….

…. Finally, there was soon. The logo is 2.619QSO and something over 1,9 million bodov. Our guessing competition with such numbers foresee, with the exception of 20 meters was the result of any band better than the best tip. The best way to become a Betting Gabo OM0AAG.

It was a very Vydarený contest. But that was not CQWW DX Contest? T?ím OM0A thanks to all for a good time and will look forward to hearing from you at the next contest-E.