Introduction OM0A CQWW SSB Contest 2012 story

CQWW SSB Contest 2012 story

2el.inv.V beam

Game is over, CQWW 2012 for us! Aký bol tento contest?

Progress of each contest is determined by first selecting the category already. This year I chose SOSB40 LP, ie one band at low power and without DX cluster. Contest commonly used in cluster and at least a bit more power so I was curious how it goes.

On the contest, I prepared a special weapon - 2el.inv.V beam. Implementation of such an antenna is also possible in one person. Paradoxically little complications caused switching antennas. Instruction Set FT-1000MP does not switch antenna connectors. Solution is to use a switch on the LPT port. The separator consists of ICs and the like ULN2003 a remote LPT. Beam added as standard vertical.

S taktikou pomohlo EI6DX Contest Analyser , that indicate when the appropriate times of operation. I focused on links with NA. Mandatory to prepare for the contest include an overview of notices operations . I noticed, that some stations use Live score contest server and I have added to them . Good motivator to see how others are doing!

Introduction contest was not very encouraging, many stations and a lot of interference. All connections were with&P?, It was not the call. I was looking intently multipliers. Assumption, the number of connections to coast linked to the EU confirmed the morning, where is the challenge of creating a smaller pile-up. In the early evening hours, the connection has already collected more slowly, appeared interesting multipliers. Zone 25 However, much work has given, of Japan also interested in further. HS0, BD, YE, AH0 are also, but the effect of DX cluster triggers an avalanche of calls and it takes the chance of QSO. A60A and 9K2HN but easy to get to the log.

To the west it was a great help 2el.inv.V beam - some multipliers have managed to make the first call. Annoyance, however, prepared weather, freezing rain moved below the resonant frequency of the antenna and thus was applicable only to the extent 7050 - 7120kHz. A bit annoying whereas at stations are currently at the top of the band! Outages were also smaller with a link to the remote station, but fortunately nothing serious.

In the morning I almost tied the current record OM7KW. I managed to almost catch up with the number of multipliers. Evenings behavior stations on 40 meters is different from the first evening - discover the new station, going several bands and this band have to leave at the end. The final multiplier is made by the person 403A, However TF3W damage or 9V1YC, who were well audible.

Štatistika spojení CQWW 2012
Statistics CQWW connection 2012
Štatistika zisku bodov CQWW 2012
Statistics CQWW gain points 2012
Štatistika získania násobičov CQWW 2012
Statistics obtained multipliers CQWW 2012

Due to fatigue I have launched the final hour contest, the logo is 596 connection to 18 zón a 74DXCC, which gives 68.727 points. It was impressive compared through live score with PY6TS, Although having a significantly lower number of connections but almost surpassed 100 thousand points.

TNX all, who responded to the call and entered OM0A this tag in their call. GL!

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