Introduction OM0A DK7ZB Yagi at 20 m and 15 m

DK7ZB Yagi at 20 m and 15 m

Úchyt elementov
Mounts elements yagi

Started production in the direction antennas to 20 m and 15 m bands. We selected from these antennas: moxon beam, 2-elementový quad, DK7ZB Yagi and Yagi DK7ZB in the 50-ohm version. Due to the acquisition of part of the material and mechanical elements to resolve mount the realization započala Yagi antennas under DK7ZB in the 28-ohm version with an adjustment member of the coaxial cables.

According to the model factory clamping springs (viď.obrázok) prototype mount was made of teflon, which arose after the roughly 3-hour work. The following should already be made faster mali, hi.