Introduction OM0A DK7ZB Yagi at 20 m and 15 m

DK7ZB Yagi at 20 m and 15 m

Úchyt elementov
Mounts elements yagi

Started production in the direction antennas to 20 m and 15 m bands. We selected from these antennas: moxon beam, 2-elementový quad, DK7ZB Yagi and Yagi DK7ZB in the 50-ohm version. Due to the acquisition of part of the material and mechanical elements to resolve mount the realization započala Yagi antennas under DK7ZB in the 28-ohm version with an adjustment member of the coaxial cables.

According to the model factory clamping springs (viď.obrázok) prototype mount was made of teflon, which arose after the roughly 3-hour work. The following should already be made faster mali, hi.

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William OM0AAO / OM0A
Since I started regularly participate in the amateur race, separately for the first VHF, later in the club OM3RKP also VKV. Since gaining access to the TA to work in this area only, primarily contesting (CQWW, IARU HF, SSB Liga, Dippeth and other).