Introduction OM0A European HF Championship OM0A 2013

European HF Championship OM0A 2013

SW shows bad VSWR at 40 m

Minulý rok som objavil European HF Championship (EUHFC) an excellent contest. Attractive it makes its length, fair and reasonable rate connection contest QRM. So this year, of course OM0A in ether could not miss!

I start with more than hour delay because of work duties. as fine, that the code be replaced, this ignorance! But the void yawns 10m - again once conditions are not. Top it goes on 20m, but I try to get at least something from 15 meters. I prescribe a strategy of collected upper zones and run on lower. Last year, the lower pay band perfectly.

Evening, however, opens up 10 meters. Virtually every connection is a multiplier. Signals have deep losses, but it's. From Central Europe is that of happiness, that the band opened for the continent.

SW ukazuje zlé PSV na 40m
SW shows bad VSWR at 40 m

And other contestmanom thrive in the outer zones, Know by minimum DX spots on the lower bands. Parallel watching on the Internet and the development of storm activity, some storms are in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and later also in Czech Republic. So I try to at least 40 meters, to then storm expel competitors from the very devices. But soon I find huge problem - high PSV. I contest two years with virtually no operational problem, when in the worst moment a problem occurs. Go deal with him at night and disturb customers - it's not! Sometimes a connection succeeds, but it's hard-preťažké. In the spirit also I pray, to withstand the relay and PA. For emergency, tune to a different zone.

It confirms the chodivosť 80 m, which in turn lifts the mood a little. The station is named after, however,, band is crackled from storm activity and to anyone out there really wants. And it still will need to make some connections and on top bande!

Continuously monitor and livescore and phasing least lead DD8SM. Moment it was also exciting and order we exchanged with David.

Compared to last year grew by score 43%, of course it increased the number of connections and multipliers. I guess I ran out and pitch dose (or was it luck, it lasted HW?). TNX for connection and look forward to once again EUHFC the year again)

Zone Connections Body Násobiče
1,8MHz 47 47 28
3,5MHz 148 148 52
7,0MHz 98 98 43
14MHz 205 205 57
21MHz 71 71 42
28MHz 19 19 17
TOTAL 588 588 239
RESULT 140 532

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