Introduction OM0A IARU Region 1 50MHz contest

IARU Region 1 50MHz contest

G0KSC yagi na 6m

The third weekend of June, 16.-17.June, 14.00 UT do 14.00 OUT, waiting for us IARU Region 1 50MHz contest. The exchanged code composed of R(T?) + por.čísla connections from 001 + locator. That requires the six-shape. In single category is not allowed to use DX Cluster, Who will use this assistance, will be included into the station more operators.

After several years of absence I have prepared for this very interesting contest at least a simple setup: President Lincoln + HM XVRT + 4el.G0KSC yagi. The first tests were promising weekend, conditions allow connections to a number of EU countries. Even with QRP power of (c.. 4W) It can be made 6m successful connections.

we'll see, how many connections OM0A of locator KN09dd establish the IARU Region 1 50MHz contests. Have a nice weekend and I look forward to hearing from you and 6m friends)!