Introduction OM0A KOSS SB-40


Koss SB-40

SSB contest as operators are very important to me headsets – headset. The most significant criterion for a good hour increase in the use of comfort without calluses ear and head. My favorite Manta MM40 suits me perfectly, But years of use they practically devalued.

On the recommendation Jirku OK5IM I ordered KOSS SB-40. He fits with the same problem and tried a number of headphones while complying found. The first impression from the headphones is excellent, really sit perfectly. They are larger than the MM40 and the cable is thicker. Hearing headphones is brighter with great dynamism. Soundproofing from the surrounding environment is not quite perfect, but noticeable. When the amount and signals of income but expires in background.

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William OM0AAO / OM0A
Since I started regularly participate in the amateur race, separately for the first VHF, later in the club OM3RKP also VKV. Since gaining access to the TA to work in this area only, primarily contesting (CQWW, IARU HF, SSB Liga, Dippeth and other).