Introduction OM0A The new antenna on 40m

The new antenna on 40m

Installation ECO 247 mast

On Friday, before CQWW contesto we swapped the main antenna mast. Original 2-14MHz Element DKZ7B we replace the dual-band antenna ECO 247, operating in the 7 and 14MHz:

Max. performance 1,6kW PEP
Gain 4dB/40m, 3,5dB/20m
F / B ratio 25dB/20m, 15/40m
Length of boom 5m
Longest element 13m
SWR 1,1/20m, 1,2/40m
Weight 26kg

The antenna of course received a new Yaesu rotator. Receive antenna in the air require a tremendous effort of all involved, but the result is certainly worth.

Montáž ECO 247 na stožiar
Installation ECO 247 mast