Introduction OM0A New 160 m vertical

New 160 m vertical

The new vertical on 160m
Nový vertikál na 160m
The new vertical on 160m

The new vertical on 160m (topband antenna) is in the air and set. The entire operation was very physically demanding, countless times since it was necessary to climb and climb down the ladder, complete the construction of mooring ropes and drag radials. Adaptation is ultimately in the form of L-cells: c.. 29nH in series and in parallel 1700pF. With this combination is best fit to 1890kHz and bandwidth for PSV<2 is about. 80kHz.

Even one person can carry out such a large vertical pipes way backed. The first step is to lift the top of the antenna in a vertical position and free tethering on several points (and the highest) to the support – tree. We print the antenna from a ladder upward until it is so high, it is possible to insert another tube. Take care to avoid the vertical deflection, which can cause pipes declination. Of course, ideal is to build such an antenna in still air.