Introduction OM0A OM0A CQ WPX SSB Contest 2021

OM0A CQ WPX SSB Contest 2021

N1MM+ pri sto spojení v CQ WPX Contest-e 2021
N1MM + at one hundred connections in the CQ WPX Contest 2021

OM0A cannot in CQ WPX SSB Contest-e to miss! In a contest with limited time and antennas, the choice of the appropriate category is most important. In the current conditions, I have a single antenna, Diamond W-8010. No yagi or moxon transmitting antenna or receiving antenna such as beverage antenna. The use of a simple antenna for higher HF bands is not good in times of low solar activity. Band openings are short and signals are mostly weak. There, such an antenna has no chance to prevail. The lowest band of the Diamond W-8010 antenna is 80m. But in this band it can only be used in the range of a few tens of kHz, which is also not enough. So I'm going 40m.

The second step is power selection. "The result in the race is from 90 percent determined by PA power and antenna quality ", Jožo Fero Perly (OK1IF). It's true. It would be easy to use the available power, but I prefer challenges and that's why I chose QRP, therefore 5 watts.

Even a year ago I was in CQ WPX SSB Contest-e has selected this category, but then without a DX cluster and now with it. Using a DX cluster even with QRP has some benefits, because stations can also be spotted, which other competitors are not interested in, but QRP stations are hodia.

I start the contest in time for Saturday. It is more difficult to invoke, but the connections are constantly increasing. How the family wakes up, so I take breaks and devote more to the family than the contest. There is a technical problem in the afternoon: internet client, which ensures the connection stops working. Realizujem update firmware, but it doesn't help. After an hour of research, I bring the internet with a LAN cable.

The broadcast schedule is not published in the evening. Fatigue is against. The first day I got to contest twice, every time after 50 link. Among other things, a break for the necessary COVID-19 test.

On Sunday morning, I continue to search for new stations. At the bottom of the band to 7100 kHz it is better known than above. According to PSV, the antenna is tuned higher (7150 kHz). I broadcast with the usual breaks, but several times already. Unable to make any DX connections outside Europe. For example, 5B4AIF from Cyprus was excellent, also several Turkish stations or UA9 (Asian part of Russia).

CQ WPX 2021 OM0A statistics
CQ WPX 2021 OM0A statistics


I'm finishing up early in the evening 180 connections, which pri 153 multipliers give 55 386 points. Again, the CQ WPX was excellent!