Introduction OM0A Ovládanie Yaesu FT-1000MP

Ovládanie Yaesu FT-1000MP

Prává časť panelu FT-1000MP
The right panel of FT-1000MP
Yaesu FT-1000MP
Yaesu FT-1000MP

Yaesu FT-1000MP is a peak rádioamatérska radio. On the front panel controls deliver quantity, moreover, additional settings are available through the menu. Although at first sight does not appear, large number of controls facilitates operation. It is important to know, that some functions can be activated in different ways and many of the controls should not be changed.

Specificity of FT-1000MP is two tuning knobs and a method of switching VFO A / B, DUAL a SPLIT. In normal operation, shining above the main tuning knob diódy RX a TX, which are also buttons. If you press the buttons smaller tuning diodes RX, activates the dual income, wherein the signal from one receiver goes to the right earphone, signal from the second receiver to the left. You set the volume buttons pivotal kocentrickými OF GAIN.

If you press green illuminating diodes RX once, signal from the receiver to silence. Repeal of the dual income is done by pressing button DUAL when debugging.

SPLIT easiest to do so, that for the main buttons you naladíte by a frequency (eg. 3740kHz) and a second frequency selector tune, where we want to send (eg. 3745kHz) and push him over diode TX, which illuminates. Receive and transmit on only one frequency is achieved by pressing the TX diodes above the main tuning knob.

Make fine-tuning knobs CLARA bottom right and click on RX, TX, or both the function enable. Press to turn off. Reset button will do the right CLEAR.

What are the FT-1000MP ways to improve reception in difficult conditions?

Ľavá časť predného panelu FT-1000MP
The left part of the front panel of FT-1000MP

The first option is the inclusion of abatement Article. Turning the switch TO turn would all incoming signals to a receiver, while in certain situations's marked, that interfering signals faster than the fragile.

Next is key IP0, setting off a preamplifier switch Antenna A / B button and RX. Button activates the RX antenna of the reception, which is attached to a special connector.

Below these buttons is a graphical indicator in table form, that informs about used MF filters. Reducing interference achieve press 2.0K, to turn on narrow filters. Reinstatement bandwidth reach press 2.4K.

The right side of the front panel are several controls, suppressing interference. Press NOTCH to turn on automatic výrezový filter, who in the blink of finding the signal whistle and suppress it. For different types praskotu FT-1000MP two potlačovače, the switch buttons NB1 a NB2.

Prává časť panelu FT-1000MP
The right panel of FT-1000MP

Below are kocentrickým button SHIFT a WIDTH, which we can "sit up" signal to the filters, imprint that interference.

A strong effect can be obtained by switching on and turning the DSP kocentrického gomíka COUNTOUR a No. Ideal is the first position, which is activated by the lower and high pass. NR knob can achieve improved readability - noise suppression.

In the middle of the panel are buttons for quick change zone BAND. Use ENT You can enter a specific frequency, buttons UP a DOWN enabled a greater change in frequency or band switch.

Handy is the location of the keys STO a RCL button in the debugging. What are? They are called. fast memory. More press STO, save the frequency into memory, RCL button to restore.

These are the main, most controls Yaesu FT-1000MP. Additional controls should be changed only rarely.

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