Introduction OM0A CQWW Contest Predregistrácia Xtreme

CQWW Contest Predregistrácia Xtreme

Remote station - customer

This year will be OM0A in a new category CQWW Xtreme. This category was introduced in 2009. The aim is to enable the use of new technologies, including remote-controlled RX stations over the Internet, computer decoders multiple signals simultaneously.

In addition to enabling technologies, that no other world contest allowed, in this category, scoring a remarkable. It consists of two parts: connection points for (than in any other category) and points for innovation. The value of this score, the Commission decides referees CQWW.

William OM0AAO the remote operator station on all bands (SOAB HP ass.). Vo výbave your top band vertical 26m, inv.V to 80 m, GP to 40m and top band moxon tribander. Used power is around 300W. QSL via OM0AAO, preferovaná cesta on your desk.

Terms Xtreme category You can read the document. I keep all fingers crossed and look forward to hearing from you!