Introduction OM0A The problem with the synchronization log N1MM

The problem with the synchronization log N1MM

N1MM s IC-756 ProIII
N1MM synchronized with IC-756 ProIII

Long time I “entertain” constantly falling synchronizing kontestového log N1MM, who want to use in WPX – konteste. To synchronize between the log and IC-756 ProIII (s Ham Radio Controlerom) While there, but after a few minutes and tuning it was falling apart. In doing so, the synchronization with another daily newspaper such as. Ham Radio Deluxe was no problem.

The problem I also confirmed Števo – OM7KW, also sometimes “fell connect” diary with FT-847. Worst, that after such “collapse” in most cases not be correct restart, or disable the notebook ASUS V1S.

After a varied range of different software settings, offered daily, hardware doubts came to mind. Log I have installed and the second laptop ASUS EeePC. Error is repeated on both. Thirdly all the best, that's why I used the fact, that my son has just reinstalled his older HP N6110, which is the performance of several classes smaller than ASUS, but “clean”, only with the operating system and the log after two days of testing has no problem with synchronization on this PC !

Now only “tiddler”, attempt to determine with which the log “does not like” v PC, which for a long time to run the operating system and a number of programs ?

Where to find, I will definitely let you know 🙂

Igor – OM6ACI

N1MM synchronizovaný s IC-756 ProIII
N1MM synchronized with IC-756 ProIII

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