Introduction OM0A World Xtreme victory CQWW!

World Xtreme victory CQWW!

CQ WW Contest OM0A 1st Xtreme
CQ WW Contest OM0A 1st Xtreme

Excellent news came from vyhodnocovateľa largest amateur radio competition CQ WW contest-u, OM0A (op.OM0AAO) is the world's single winner-op Xtreme category!

In October 2011 I served the own remote station in this race, being able to establish a connection almost fifteen hundred. Along with the assessment of the technical solution that's enough to win and gain K3TUP Memorial Plaque.

I think, that with increasing levels of interference and problems with the implementation of antenna systems especially in urban areas is remote way station, which will be in the years to develop rapidly. Good luck in implementing custom remote station and in the case of interest can assist Council in its establishment. GL!