Introduction OM0A Test new products in jarts Contest

Test new products in jarts Contest

2el.inv.V beam

After the experience interference from neighboring stations CQWW RTTY Contest, I decided to improve income and I agree 250Hz INRAD filter #708. It's a good 8-pole crystal filter.

For nadchádjaúci CQWW SSB contest I started to plan more profitable antenna for 7MHz. The need to build a mast antenna Moxon because I rejected, but he took me 2he. quad with switchable directional N4TJE . After hanging the radiator, however, struggling to find resonance loop. Elaboration After a week I needed to test the suitability of the used wire and I made the simple antenna inv.V. Resonant frequency is now found, impedance also agreed with the theory. After reštudovaní antenna literature was to implement 2he. inv.V beamu, which seems perfectly.

The contest itself jarts-e was not enough time for a more serious outcome. The focus was therefore to test new products. Reception using the new filter is significantly better. While the original 500Hz filter hear the three stations next to each other, INRAD with a new filter, it is really only one station. RTTY correction decoding to improve the, can say, that if the posted 3x competition code, it is possible to correctly receive 2.

Inv.V beam went very well, just nevšiel time to test at DX. The EU pile-UPE but helped break between other stations.

Overall in the contest jarts-e 2012 I did as OM0A 106 link, 13 570 points.