Introduction OM0A VHF day records of JN99eh

VHF day records of JN99eh

17el. F9FT anténa na 144 MHz
17he. F9FT on antenna 144 MHz

Unexpectedly OM0A the month again spoke to 144 MHz, and this JN99eh. This elevation on the border of Slovakia and the Czech Republic has Rádioklub Manin built facilities. This makes the transmission very nice. Nevertheless, we agree, if you are on a hill electricity, homeless, antenna and also to good company, it's priceless!

antennas, left 17el. F9FT
antennas, left 17el. F9FT

The idea of ​​World Records Day I Joey OM4AQ addressed in advance, because I know, that they 144 MHz band are deleted due to noise. Yet close to the station as kW OM6A, OL9W or OM3W and others. QRM about the race wrote years ago excellent analysis OK1VPZ and the topic is still possible to find many other articles and measurement equipment.

We dusted 17el.F9FT antenna and a modified FT-847 with Tubes PA. We, however, we woke up at about 40% his options, for reasons of interference and also the, that with this TCVR the third from the amplifier more power or can not get.

FT-847 It is a handy little TCVR, which has MDS – 142 dBm, BDR (20 kHz) 103 dB a IMD 88 dB. IP3 point at -11dBm. The device listens well, no sound when debugging colored towards the heights. It's probably due to DSP technology, that the edges of the filter produces a ringing effect.

The advantage of this TCVR-and the CAT interface, what is the connection to the PC and PA through microKEYER very simple.

I anticipate the rain from Trencin, But I Will not. Due to the traffic situation I came to Jožka OM4AQ to the 13-th and the hill we got up in the rain. that Government OM3BY He had unfinished F9FT antenna. Since we have information from meteoradaru, so we had a break and we have already completed the antenna together quickly. Jožko OM4AQ had set while working.

Government OM3BY
Vlado OM3BA in broadcasting in Contest

Due to the fact, that Rádioklub 144 MHz do not go, he fell draft, so we used my brand contest, OM0A.

Contest started Vlado OM3BY connection with OK1OPT. Behind them log began to fill other stations. Outside, vyčasilo and upcoming autumn showed a more beautiful face. To, what was yet to come, I knew by weather forecasts, But no one at the time of sending the car or tent not welcoming.

Upon 2 clock was in the logo 72 QSO and baton catfish of the Government read. After the warning, we had to replace the headset microphone in hand. Uf! operated radio station, log and later with the ON4KST, some data are written only one hand is not very comfortable. who has experienced, know what I mean.

Map OM0A in connection VHF d
Map OM0A in connection days FM Records

ON4KST brought several long connection, for example IQ5NN (780km), IZ5FDD / 4 (781km) or ODX, which was LZ6Z (913km). Certainly in this regard are still reserves as a result of improved. map links shows, directions to bring the most points and links. More shows and statistical map below.

At night ruled telegraph again Vlado, which certainly was not easy, because from about. 18UT were everywhere storm. So it looks like 1 minute. Can lightning count?

In the morning it looked beautifully, Nature as undesirably been washed. In the forest you can be still found blueberries, všelikde cobwebs hung with drops of water twinkling like pearls. The first connection is logged in the morning 5.03, Thus, relatively late. Does not matter, We do not try to be the perfect result.

View of the Little Javorníka, JN99eh
View of the Great Javornik, JN99eh

Meteoradar not bode well, and that is the last, 274. combining the log IK3XJP of 11.49UT. The overall summary is as follows:

FM Day Records 2018 result OM0A
FM Day Records 2018 result OM0A

And something else statistics:

QSO rate after hours in the day FM Records 2018

QSO rate after hours in the day FM Records 2018

Country VHF day records 2018
country, who have been made in connection days FM Records 2018
A locator large squares
A locator sized squares day FM Records 2018
Directional distribution connection
Directional distribution of the connection during the contest


Thank you for connection, sharing experiences and tribulations with the weather and we look forward to from other sites or JN99eh hearing from you, friends!