Introduction OM0A Contest Team Approaching the CQ WPX SSB Contest 2010

Approaching the CQ WPX SSB Contest 2010

Antenna at 28MHz - 4el.yagi
CQ WPX Contest
CQ WPX Contest

Even on less than a month, the team again played OM0A short wave in the ether. Last March's weekend, 27.-28.3.2010, be held Part WXP SSB CQ Contest. The aim is to establish the race as many connections with radio amateurs around the world.

Participation promised: Viliam OM0AAO, Igor OM6ACI, Števo OM7KW, Peto OM6PR, Oliver MW0JRX a Rado. However, it is likely, that the race is joined by other radio amateurs and come and see the many nerádioamatéri.