Introduction OM0A Contest Team Construction contestovej station OM0A

Construction contestovej station OM0A

Lukostrelec Mišo 0M0AAB
Lukostrelec Mišo 0M0AAB

Fourteen days left in WPX contest. Completes the list of, test equipment. One event, as in the store – Antenna, tubes, Cables, Antenna, wires, computer and turn the antenna, pipes, etc.. Tested on the 160 m antenna, 20m and 15 m were only partially dismantled, that they can as quickly as possible to build. It was also a problem: stability of the computer communication – ICOM 756 PROIII. N1MM log after a few minutes of communication is interrupted, which would not allow direct retuning to spot the DX choice of cluster and coordination of both departments.

The next step will be prestrelenie Lanka over high pine bough. Lanka should be easy to pull on the 80 meter antenna: inverted V-Greece. Help promised Mišo, OM0AAB, which is an excellent sport archers.