Introduction Contestový by OM0A Cingular zobrazovač to rotator

Cingular zobrazovač to rotator

Kontrolér k rotátoru
The new controller for the rotator

Reliable rotator is an important part of amateur radio. The use OM0A rotator AR-300XL, despite the small size of the handle to rotate the major KV direction. It is mainly thanks to high-quality metal transfer. Drawback is, that after a few rotation difference occurs between the real and the indicated direction on the imaging.

Therefore, it is advantageous to supplement the rotator attached Viewer. Very good construction described Vlado OK1VPZ to . Uses 36 LED diodes (indication of 10 °) exciters with LM3914. Sample Viewer function is on video. The sensor is a potentiometer mechanically interlock with the necessary rotator.

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William OM0AAO / OM0A
Since I started regularly participate in the amateur race, separately for the first VHF, later in the club OM3RKP also VKV. Since gaining access to the TA to work in this area only, primarily contesting (CQWW, IARU HF, SSB Liga, Dippeth and other).