Introduction What do radio amateurs

What do radio amateurs

Veľká krátkovlnná anténa
United walkie-antenna

If a person with an interest in amateur broadcast meets all the conditions set out in the Regulation on special professional competence and successfully completed before the examination commission established by the permitting authority exam on amateur radio station operator, may apply for authorization to establish and operate an amateur radio station and call sign assignment. After receiving such authorization, and amateur radio tags before it opens wide possibilities for filling ham and depends only on Himself, the direction of its activity will involve rádioamatérska.

In the past, were very popular and active clubs rádioamatérske. They are equipped with their own transmission facilities and also have assigned his call sign. Today, although there are still, their activities, subject to certain exceptions, declined significantly. Individual radio amateurs – their members – in them are more or less regularity today face. The meetings are devoted to classic amateur action, exchange your own service experience and latest technical expertise,. Some clubs are devoted to preparing new rádioamatérskych candidates organizing preparatory courses, in which the amateurs have a future opportunity to learn everything you need to manage the operator tests. Club brand lives very often used in competitions rádioamatérskych, where changes in one more station operators. At a higher level of the clubs, but also individuals rádioamatérskymi roofing national unions or federations (Slovakia SZR), which are incorporated in global rádioamatérskej Union (IARU). This, that one could deal with broadcasting on amateur bands, in contrast to the past, now in Slovakia, membership in these organizations is not a condition.

Rádioamatérske pracovisko
Rádioamatérske department

Perhaps the largest group consists of amateurs devoted to pursuing conventional radio links with other amateur stations, which is the world several million. For communication between rôznojazyčnými rádiomatérmi most frequently used English, but not to rule. To simplify and speed up communication between amateurs, especially in the cable operation, HAMSA have negotiated a wide range rádioamatérskych shortcuts and so-called. Q-codes. As for communicating in an open speech is important, to avoid erroneous information prevzatiu, amateurs using individual letters spelling the agreed terms, which form the so-called. hláskovaciu table. Preklad morzeovky umožňujú aj dekódovacie software, ktoré sa však kvalite príjmu sluchom úplne nevyrovnajú.

The second large group consists of amateurs, who deal mainly construction and testing of various electronic equipment and antennas used in practice rádioamatérskej. After the bands they listen to the rule pomeni. Their invaluable feature is the willingness to share their experience and knowledge with other radio amateurs, which undoubtedly positively affect and contribute to the development of our beautiful hobby.

When you walk on the nature, and I have there for people with different pobehujúcich ridiculous tentacle in the hands, – If you hunters nestrieľajte so as soon as they – if you are normal tourists, you do not need now for them to call police or nebodaj SIS-ku – they are no spies or záškodníci, are also radio amateurs devoted to training, either directly or závodeniu incádiovom orienteering (ROB), otherwise popularly known as foxhunting. They try to canter through the radio receiver to find hidden transmitters. Competitions in the ROB is organized at different levels up to world championship, which organized in 2002 just Slovakia. This sector is however also necessary that a physical fitness and therefore nečudujem, the ROB-u paid so little people, because he is not above the comfort of a well heat-HAM shack, hi, hi…