Introduction OM0A
Amateur radio, otherwise also known as ham radio, is a kind of radio services, serving the purpose of self, intercommunication and technical studies amateurs, who are authorized persons with an interest in the Radiotechnika solely of personal interest and financial gain. It is a pastime, noble work, which usually affects the whole of human life. Teams events in the past participated in several radio amateurs: Igor OM6CI, Števo OM7KW, Peto OM6PR, Martin OM4MM, Mouse OM4CX, Gabo OM0AAG, Mišo OM0AAB, Janko OM8LA, Dano OM4AQP, Rado OM0AMR, Paul OK1PMA, Oliver VK8DX, Sleep OM0AAO, Karči and others, whether directly or indirectly. Currently OM0A echoes in the race category one operator, which is Vilo OM0AAO.