Introduction What is amateur radio

What is amateur radio

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Amateur radio, otherwise also known as ham radio, is a kind of radio services, serving the purpose of self, intercommunication and technical studies amateurs, who are authorized persons with an interest in the Radiotechnika solely of personal interest and financial gain. It is a pastime, noble work, which usually affect a man for lifet. Although at first sight seemed, that people holdujúci amateur radio is primarily engaged in wireless transmissions šuniek distance, as evidenced Slovko “HAM”, this is not. Adherents of this hobby is devoted to the entire complex of activities, one of which is to broadcast amateur respective segments of the radio spectrum, to be allocated for these purposes.

What does Slovko “HAM”, frequently used among radio amateurs ? It is a simple abbreviation, which consists of the first letters of surnames three U.S. radio amateurs, Members of Harvard rádioklubu, pp. Hymana, Almyho and Murraya, who used a hundred years ago to identify their stations in the ether. This abbreviation is so udomácnila, that when p. Hyman in 1911 in the U.S. Congress lobbied for a greater willingness of U.S. legislation regarding amateur broadcasters, Senators almost all speakers on this topic described the issue as in the present context HAMSA, with radio amateurs. Over time, the designation vžilo in the world and is still used as shorthand to reflect the name of a radio ham.

Prevádzka rádioamatérskej stanice
Operation rádioamatérskej station

Authorization for amateur radio stations broadcasting, which set out the rights and obligations of holders to operate amateur radio stations broadcasting, define the amateurish amateur broadcasting service, the amateurs builds on the plane other services operating in ether and guarantee them a degree of protection from undesirable influences such as.: interference to the operation of other users of the radio spectrum. Any amateur station communicating on the band which have the same rights, nobody would have had any privileges prisvojovať. Unfortunately, sometimes it is possible to work on rádioamatérskych bands and meet these people, who also speak amateurs, but seeks to be more equal than others. Protection against such stuff nespratníkov not provide any status, to be confronted by radio amateurs themselves.