Introduction OK3-15490-OK3WAO / OM3WAO, my father

OK3-15490-OK3WAO / OM3WAO, my father

As a child, my friends and I had the opportunity to play with electrical components. We disassembled old equipment and sometimes we got burned on a hot soldering iron. I was fascinated by the oscilloscope screen. That oscilloscope was made by my father, Ing. Viliam Petrík.

My father made the devices himself. There were several of them. He dominated the hamshack KROT receiver, which was supplemented by electronic converter to 144 MHz a FM detektor. They were used for broadcasting electronic transmitters. Separate FM and SSB transmitter. It was based on the phase method of generating the SSB signal. Behind them was the final stage with QQV-06/40.

OK3WAO antennas - quad GW4CQT and vertical yagi
OK3WAO antennas – quad GW4CQT and vertical yagi

There was a handle to the cable transmission by the window. He reached under the roof, where he provided the shooting of the antenna. Bol to mechanical antenna rotator. My father liked quad antennas. He used it for a long time 7-elementový quad GW4CQT, which it later replaced DL7KM antenna. My father had the same type of antenna on 432 MHz.

Under the antennas were preamplifiers. First, which I remember was planted BFT66 - then a rare transistor. We later replaced it with the popular MOSFET preamplifiers, eg. s KF907 and the like.

My father also constructed it FM VKV transceiver. He was also interesting 144 MHz SSB transceiver. It was nicely done with an unusual mechanical transmission to the frequency display. The final transistor was BLY87A. It was based on the phase method of SSB generation.

In a similar chassis was also transvertor on 70 cm. The father - already very limited by Parkinson's disease - tried to modify and improve it. He was very reassured by the active mixer and eventually installed UZ there-07. Russian transistors were in the power stages, which gained only a few decibels at these frequencies.

There was always a supply in our household amateur radio literature. They were years of Amateur Radio, RZ-etov, AMA magazines, DUBUS-y, Radio or a few numbers of FunkAmateur and others.

OK3WAO antennas - quad GW4CQT and vertical yagi
OK3WAO antennas – quad GW4CQT and vertical yagi

KN9DD, Tatranska Lomnica, QTH is not very expensive on VHF. However, my father tried to broadcast, even with non-traditional types of operation (It is, Aurora,…). His childhood dream - air force - at least denied him connections with amateur radio stations on the MIR space station or many connections via amateur radio satellites. I regularly prepared a list of suitable detours for him.

At the same time, he led me kindly and passed on my knowledge, which he had. well thank you!