Introduction OM0A CQ WW DX Contest SSB 2012

CQ WW DX Contest SSB 2012

Operation rádioamatérskej station

Inexorably approaching the greatest amateur radio KV Racing, CQ WW DX Contest SSB. This weekend, 27.-28.October 2012 00.00 – 23.59GMT, will be among the competitors for the 40 m band and OM0A (op.OM0AAO). Low power, 100W, category is quite difficult for this band, dominated big gun High Power Stations. Propagation conditions, however, one does not choose and will hopefully favorable.

Cross your fingers and look forward to hearing all the CQWW DX Contest, YOU 73!

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William OM0AAO / OM0A
Since I started regularly participate in the amateur race, separately for the first VHF, later in the club OM3RKP also VKV. Since gaining access to the TA to work in this area only, primarily contesting (CQWW, IARU HF, SSB Liga, Dippeth and other).