Introduction OM0A Activity increases

Activity increases

Hotové elementy DK7ZB yagi na 20m
Hotové DK7ZB elements yagi on 20m

Activity OM0A team members increases. ABOUT Activity Contest-u 14.februára said zúčastnili aj Sleep OM0AAO, Števo OM7KW, Martin OM4AAS a Igor OM6ACI, and all achieved excellent scores.

Aj mechanické Podarilo in dorobiť práce that elementoch DK7ZB pre 20m yagi. Elements are made up and waiting to be mounted on boom. Then remeasured the antenna antenna analyzer.

Finished are also four fastening elements for DK7ZB yagi 15m to cut plates.

Nuisance is problem with SK-tapes, to either break or slip. About one in four is useless. Pri nákupe the cake for pamätané, but it is possible, that some of them will miss 15 m yagi.