Introduction Amateur radio SSB League with mp3 recordings of the connection - September 2023

SSB League with mp3 recordings of the connection - September 2023

Plne vysunutý stožiar RDM-12
Fully extended mast RDM-12

A week before the SSB League, the moxon antenna was damaged during a storm, which is at the top RDM-12 mast. Below it is an inverted Vee antenna on 80m. Since even the AlfaSPID RAK rotator did not work properly from the first installation, so there was nothing to delay and I had to lower the mast and make repairs.

Version of the AlfaSPID RAK rotator

Terminal box in the AlfaSPID rotator
Terminal box in the AlfaSPID rotator

The rotator uses two worm gears, one in the motor section and one in the rotator. That idea is excellent, but I'm worried about the other version. There is a terminal block in the motor part, which didn't look its best after a few years. Limit switches are also connected to it. These are together with the transmission in the rotator and are therefore exposed to moisture and dirt.

Replacing the motor part also requires removing the limit switches. Three screws, that hold the motor are in the holes, which are significantly larger than the diameter of the screws. Apparently, the backlash when connected to the worm gear is thus eliminated. So the motor does not hold completely firmly on the rotator part.

September SSB League 2023

Finally managed to achieve 100 connections per hour of operation. Probably the team too, that the IARU Region was held during the weekend 1 VHF Contest and several operators went to portable sites to broadcast, so there was a greater number of stations on the band. At the same time, the propagation conditions were relatively favorable and the intelligibility of several signals was excellent.

Minute QSO rate
Minute QSO rate

I used the usual setup: Yaesu FT-1000MP transceiver with INRAD roofing filter and connection to SDR, smaller transistor amplifier approx. 300W to inverted Vee antenna. Logging into N1MM+ using SO2V operation.