Introduction OM0A Preparation of a new vertical for topband

Preparation of a new vertical for topband

Anténny analyzátor VK5JST
Antenna Analyzer VK5JST

In the long term OM0A inv.L antenna used for topband. It's a simple, functional and easily constructible antenna. In the search for better alternatives, I imitate the way the vertical structure HA6NL&Ltd.. and decided to implement 26m high vertical and Ia Titanex. Simulation shows the MMANA 4 db gain over compared to the original antenna.

An adjustment member is relatively simple. The coil is wound on Amidon toroid T300-2 and vertical radiator will consist of a combination of duralumin tubes and fiberglass rods with wire. This design should create an easy and relatively rigid vertical. Under the antenna will be tens of radials.