Introduction Amateur radio EME beginning in 2011

EME beginning in 2011

To the unconventional way of spreading the VHF I was always close. My first amateur radio connection has been in preparation for amateur radio exams under his father's brand OM3WAO just 2m. His father was very clever designer and all devices except the receiver KROT been made of his hands. His domain was the band 144 and 432 MHz, where it was active and several satellites or space station MIR. This led me to the satellite operation. Since there was only a small step to contesting, mateor scatter and finally attempting EME.

EME (Earth – Moon – Earth), connection by reflection from the moon

EME (Earth – Moon – Earth) it is communication, which uses the echo from the moon. The broadcast signal thus first route ca.. 384-one thousand kilometers to the moon, where part of the signal reflected back to Earth. Section, because the moon is not ideal reflective element for electromagnetic waves. The signal travels back ca.. 384-one thousand kilometers to someone, who receives it. This tremendously long journey - for comparison circumference of the Earth is only 40 075 km - signal overcomes various obstacles such as Faraday rotation, libration of the Moon, etc.. Also sent a very strong signal that returns a very weak.

A crucial turning point was the use of the digital mode JT65 by Joe Taylor, K1JT. This allows you to decode the signals, that are missed by the human ear. Thanks to the possibility of implementing EME has become a bit more affordable and less radio amateurs with the antenna equipment.

First EME attempts

My first EME attempts are dated 27.12.2011, Thus, eight years back. At that time I lived in Tatranska Lomnica, KN09dd. The satellite operation I used 6he. DK7ZB yagi vertical with AZ / EL Rotator. Since this antenna was about deception. 20m RG-214 coaxial cable to the wonderful old radio station Yaesu FT-290R with Mutek entry (put 1 db noise figure). I used to receive program WSJT versions 9.0.2.

Thanks to, that K5GW He used a powerful antenna and high performance, I was able to detect the signal at -20dB (-18dB peak):

K5GW signal captured OM0AAO
K5GW signal captured OM0AAO

Three years later, I made yet another attempt EME. That I used twin 7el. DK7ZB. The reception was much better, but from that time I did not retain archival documentation.

EME is a never-ending challenge

Today is a EME stations on the bands much more, even organized the EME expedition. It also enables the expansion of SSPA and powerful antennas as G0KSC, DG7ZBN, YU7EF or other. It is therefore possible, that is a EME come back and try to even the EME.