Introduction Amateur radio OM Activity Contest with mp3 recordings of connections - November 2023

OM Activity Contest with mp3 recordings of connections - November 2023


The strip has not been so crowded for a long time! But it was not OK and OM stations, but by SP stations. V Poľsku totiž prebiehali preteky "NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE DAY". Part of the stations may have been devoted to RTTY časti WAE DX Contest-u.


Setup for CQ WPX Contest based on FT-1000MPQRP is a radio amateur communication technique with minimal transmitter power. It uses performances under 5 watts, which forces operators to gain maximum efficiency in antennas and technology. Despite its lower performance, QRP enables long-distance communication with efficient antennas and innovative approaches. He is a challenge, but it offers a clean and economical broadcasting experience, promotes technical skills and expands the boundaries of communication in the amateur radio community. It's not just about connection, but about creating connections using power minimization. QRP emphasizes creativity, experimenting and adapting to changing conditions. Although it requires precise technique and understanding of the environment, yet it provides a deep sense of accomplishment and connects radio amateurs through a simple and effective connection regardless of performance.

Yes, QRP is a challenge for me too. I also participated in world contests with such a performance, for example CQ WPX SSB Contest 2023 80m or The results community will be pleased with the results 2021. And now it's time to try it in the OM Activity Contest.

November OM Activity Contest

The advantage is, that I don't have to change anything in the setup to change the performance category. Just set the power on the transceiver. The FT-1000MP has pre-set power ranges in the menu plus a small potentiometer for precise power adjustment on the front panel.

I will greet Silvia before seven o'clock SO2V allows and Peta OM6TX. I also make the first connection with him. I have the attenuator on throughout the race -12 dB. Why? In heavy jamming combined with QRP, it makes no sense to try for the greatest possible sensitivity of the receiver. The inclusion of attenuation reduces the interference and the reception is more pleasant. The question is also how much attenuation can be set without it, so that it does not happen in the Czech-Slovak race, that I can hear some signal. I dare say, that the attenuation can be even greater.

I tune by band and gradually collect connections. There is no problem to call. A little more patience is required to exchange the contest code. Here and there I also try a challenge, but in a crowded zone it has very little chance of success. It only succeeds once and will yield three connections. I used N1MM+ and that included audio memories.

The result of the November OM Activity Contest

The end is in the log 41 QSOs and 21 násobičov. There was no station, which I did not claim. I heard other stations as well, which I don't have in the log: OM7AT, OM1BCO, OM5APP. This is how your signals sounded this month: