Introduction Amateur radio VKV PA – december 2022 or OM3KSI in the log!

VKV PA – december 2022 or OM3KSI in the log!

Mapa spojení vo VKV PA december 2022
Map of connections in VKV PA December 2022

One of the challenges of VKV PA is trying to get as many multipliers as possible, i.e.. of stations from locator squares. In rare KN08 behind a wall of hills and more hills is OM3KSI. How to make this QSO?

Minus 10°C in December

Just in time for the December VKV PA round, there was a significant cooling with temperatures below 10°C. At such a temperature, it is not easy to build a portable workplace. So he had to come up with a backup plan - setup s 8-element DK7ZB I built on a small mast in the home QTH, Ivanovce village, JN88WT. The altitude here is approx. 200 meters and there are bigger or smaller hills in most directions, which is dominated by Považský Inovec (JN98AS).

This is what the terrain profile looks like between OM0AAO and OM3KSI:

OM3KSI in KN08PR beyond the hills
OM3KSI in KN08PR beyond the hills

The distance is not great, but the wall of hills represents a considerable attenuation for the VHF signal. It is not possible to implement a connection in such a route in the usual way.

And here it comes to the rescue airplane scatter, reflection of a signal from a flying aircraft in a given line between stations.

How to make an impossible QSO?

If we don't want to rely on it, that it will be possible to hit the flying plane, so software is needed AirScout by DL2ALF (enough, for one of the stations to have it). The one from the air traffic data can search for those flights, which are suitable for the implementation of the connection.

The second step is the connection agreement, what is ON4KST chat most used for. There are several interfaces, through which the stations can agree. It can be wtKST or KST2You or other.

This is what the agreement with OM3KSI looked like

This is what the agreement with OM3KSI looked like
This is what the agreement with OM3KSI looked like

Ako vidno, so the connection was successful and made me very happy! Performance was on my side 100W z TS-2000, 10m RF-240 coaxial cable (c.. 1dB) to the already mentioned 8-element DK7ZB yagi antenna (profit 12 dBd). Maybe it will inspire others to try similar connections.

Summary of VKV PA

I have 68 points, 8 násobičov, which gives 544 points. However, I also tried some technical improvements, which should be used in the year 2023 and the operation was not even the whole time. Thanks to Peć OM8WG from OM3KSI also to Dušan OM3WAK for his willingness and willingness to make a QSO. I wish you a pleasant and peaceful Christmas, good health and let's hear from each other in the year 2023!